Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

I had planned to do my first Menu Monday post yesterday, but I had a horrible migraine most of the day and just wasn't feeling up to writing anything. So I'll put that off until next Monday :)

Peter and I had a fairly relaxing weekend. Fri. night we babysat for our friends' three kids - ranging in age from 4 to 7 months. The baby girl slept the entire time we were there, but we made cookies with the two boys and our friend K who stopped by to hang out with us. The boys' grandmother had just bought them two new cookie sheets that made cookies in the shapes of planes, race cars, and various other boy-related objects, and they loved using them :) We ate way too many cookies that night (!), but in spite of the sugar rush, the boys went to bed really easily. We stayed to talk with our friends when they returned and didn't end up getting home until past midnight. Sat. I went shopping in Bethesda, MD. I knew that several of the stores in Bethesda Row were having sales (including the Lilly store there - The Pink Palm!), but I really wasn't impressed with any of the offerings - very ho-hum (I ended up just buying a book at B&N and some moisturizer at Blue Mercury). I was, however, very impressed with the offerings at Georgetown Cupcake :) I had never been to GC before, and I decided even though the line was out the door and I would have to stand in the cold (it was in the 20s that day) for at least 15 min., I needed to try it out. And I am sooo glad that I did - my world has been changed for the better!!! I bought a salted caramel cupcake and a red velvet cupcake for Peter and I to share that night, and we both agreed that they were the best cupcakes hands down that we had ever had. Seriously yum! I'm looking for another excuse to go to Bethesda Row and try some more flavors :)

 (images from Georgetown Cupcake)

Sat. night we watched He's Just Not That Into You which we had heard mixed reviews about from friends, but P and I really liked it.

 (image from IMBD)

I think it was pretty honest about some of the stuff that goes on in the dating scene. We couldn't stop laughing at the scene where the two ladies are discussing different lines that men have used to dump them. My personal favorite line from that scene: "'I am so jealous of the guy who gets to marry you.' - Well, that could have been you. That's what I was leaning towards." Ha! Sun. we had lunch with friends after church, and then I ran a few errands and came home and we watched football and called our families.

Tonight I have a Junior League meeting after work in Alexandria, VA. It's the kick-off meeting for my mini-placement this spring as a provisional member, and I'm super excited about it :) I just hope that I can get to the meeting on time; I'm metro-ing and that's always unpredictable! This weekend we'll visit Peter's parents in PA and finally have our "Christmas" with them. We spent the actual Christmas holiday with my family in Memphis so we have yet to exchange presents with P's family. I kind of like extending the celebration :)