Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gettin' Back in Gear

Does anyone else feel like their exercise routine gets a little sidetracked during the summer? I still get in a decent amount of exercise, but I haven’t been consistent. I know that part of the reason that I fall off of my schedule is because we tend to go out of town more during the summer months. And I tend to like to spend as much time outside as possible while it's warm so I want to play tennis or go to the pool rather than go to the gym for a cardio workout. Not that that's bad, necessarily, since I'm still being active, but I find that I don't work out as hard when I'm doing fun outside activities. Cold weather apparently motivates me to exercise more! I'm weird like that :)
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Last academic year, I joined the gym at the university where Peter is getting his Ph.D. and started going to their group fitness classes. I went to the Muscle Works (a body sculpting class) and Abs/Low Back classes regularly and really enjoyed them. I'm definitely a group exercise person. The great thing about classes is that there is some accountability with the instructor and your classmates. I love the sense of community!  I've never really liked exercising alone, either running or biking outside by myself or doing an exercise DVD at home. I get bored with exercise so easily by myself (and it's so easy to cheat and cut corners when I'm alone!). The classes also help me go to the gym for cardio workouts on the eliptical machine, stairmaster, treadmill, etc. because they make me stick to a certain schedule. I just get used to going to the gym every day after work.

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 Fortunately, Group Fitness at the University starts back in a few weeks, and I’m excited to get my routine back. They did have a summer schedule, but I opted out since there were no good classes offered after I get off of work at 5:30. I'm really hoping that they have some good options at the 6:15 class time, especially the two classes I mentioned and Yogafit. Has anyone tried Yogafit? I wanted to go to the Yogafit classes last year, but none were offered at convenient times. I love yoga and have felt the need to start practicing again recently since my back and neck have started feeling tight and sore (that's what sitting at a desk all day will do to you!). Let’s think good thoughts that the classes I want will be offered at the right times and we’ll have great instructors who use great music! Last year there was one instructor who acted like a drill sergeant (seriously, his voice was SO incredibly loud!) and used the worst music in class. Not the most inspiring for me!