Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend really flew by! I actually slept through my alarm this morning because I just don't think that my brain could process that it was Monday :)

Friday night Peter and I ate leftover Indian food for dinner (Yummy!) and watched The September Issue. My husband is such a trooper! He never fusses about watching chick flicks with me :) We both thought it was a really interesting documentary. The world of high fashion is certainly different from my world! I ended up liking Grace Coddington a lot (she's so committed to her work/art) and was surprised to see a softer side to Anna Wintour. You can definitely see the hurt in her eyes when she talks about the lack of respect that her siblings have for her work, and you can also tell that she loves her children when she talks about them.

Saturday morning was my friend LHC's baby shower :) She's having a little boy in April, and I'm very excited to meet him! The ladies of LHC's church hosted the shower on Sat., and they did a lovely job. There was enough food to feed an army :)

Cake & Diaper Cake (I totally thought the diaper cake was a real cake when I first saw it)

Buffet Table

 The Mama-to-Be Hard at Work Opening Presents

I left the shower early because Peter and I had tickets to the University of Maryland vs. University of Virginia basketball game. We had great seats, and it was a ton of fun even thought the Terps lost :( They put up a good fight, and it was exciting to be so close to the action!

Peter and I at the Game 

 An Action Shot

 Cheerleaders at Half-Time

I wanted to get a picture of the UMD mascot, Testudo, walking around, but he never came close to where we were sitting. Am I the only one who thinks that Testudo looks like he might do steroids?  :)
(image from

On Sunday, the college students at our church hosted a pancake breakfast during the Sunday School hour to raise money for their upcoming mission trip so P and I enjoyed some pancakes before the worship service. Sure beats the cold cereal we usually have for breakfast on Sunday mornings :) After church, we just lazed around the rest of the rainy afternoon and evening (well, I lazed around - Peter actually played basketball for a bit) .

Is it wrong that I'm already looking forward to this coming weekend? I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday, and I'm twelve kinds of excited about it!!!