Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

What a nice, restful weekend :) I feel like I can't usually describe my weekends that way, but this weekend was indeed nice and restful!

After work on Friday, I made Shrimp Cobb Salad from Cooking Light. This salad was the cover photo for the May issue, and it looked too good to pass up! Peter liked it more than I did, but I would certainly make it again.

(image from Cooking Light)

Does anyone know a trick for preventing avocado from turning brown after it's cut? I've tried leaving the avocado pit in the storage container with the avocado, but that doesn't seem to help.

After dinner, we popped some popcorn and watched The Fighter.

(image from IMBD)

I liked it, but boxing scenes are hard for me to watch. I'm really glad that Peter is not a professional boxer! I could not handle watching his matches!!! I also had a hard time understanding what the characters were saying through the thick Boston accents. A trip to Boston might be in order so that I can learn the local language :)

On Saturday, I ran some errands and went to the mall to pick up a few make-up and skincare items that I had run out of, and then that night, Peter and I went to see the Royal Danish Ballet perform Napoli at The Kennedy Center in DC.

Waiting outside of the Kennedy Center before the performance. I love that we have identical squints in this picture (we were staring straight into the sun when this was taken!) :)

I took ballet lessons at Ballet Memphis when I was younger, and I thoroughly enjoy going to see performances now. Peter did not take ballet lessons when he was younger :) , but he's still a good sport to go with me and likes the performances too. This was my first time to see the Danish Royal Ballet and to see Napoli performed. The male dancers with the DRB were especially good!

On Sunday after church, we did nothing which felt pretty good. Naps and reading on the couch and watching baseball games on TV were made for Sunday afternoons, I think :)