Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

We spent a lot of time at home this weekend - mostly because we were anticipating and then experiencing Hurricane Irene. Last week was a very eventful one for natural disasters on the East Coast :) On Friday morning, Peter and I had a little breakfast date at Starbucks before he went to work (and where I forgot to take any pictures!) and then I went to stock up on provisions before the coming storm since it was my day off of work. Oh my goodness - what a shopping adventure! I have never seen such craziness. I thought that I was going to be killed for my parking space at Trader Joes!!! Calm down, people!!! I did need to buy a few non-perishables for the storm, but I also needed to buy some things (like milk) that we just out of, but there was no milk to be had in a 10-mile radius of my apartment. I also saw that flashlights, batteries, and candles were in very short supply. It definitely pays to be prepared well ahead of any kind of  storm! Yikes!!!

On Saturday, I ran a few more short errands and then went to my friend, RAM's, house so that she could cut my hair. A hurricane might be coming, but a girl's gotta look her best, right? :) The rain started around noon, but it wasn't heavy at all and I had no problems driving home. Peter helped one of our friends from church move into his new place that morning and returned home around 2:00. From then on, we just hung out at our place - cleaning up a bit and organizing, reading (we're still working our way through all 7 Harry Potter books!), and watching baseball. We had leftovers for dinner, and then watched the British movie, Wild Target, with Bill Nighy whom I think is the bees' knees :)

(image via IMDB)

Didn't quite live up to the previews, but still had some very funny moments! We were so thankful to still have power when the movie was over around 10:00pm, and we thought that we might make it out of the storm with our electricity "intact" since it was only raining moderately and the wind wasn't fierce at all. It wasn't meant to be, however, because our power went out around 4:00 Sunday morning (Boo!).

We weren't sure if we would have church on Sunday morning or not since there were widespread power outages in our area, but we did and it was kind of neat to have Sunday School and a worship service in a semi-darkened church :) We won't let a little thing like lack of electricity stop us from praising God! I have to say that both Peter and I were a little sleepy during church, though, because we were not able to have coffee on Sunday morning.

(image via Google)

Our coffee-maker was obviously not working without electricity, and we don't keep instant coffee on hand (which is something I need to quickly remedy!). We were hoping that the church would have power and have some coffee ready and waiting, but that hope wasn't fulfilled since the church didn't have power either. So after church we embarked on a quest for coffee that took us through many intersections with non-functioning street lights (always a scary experience in our area!) and darkened shopping centers. Not a Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonalds, Panera, 7-11, etc. with power! So we returned home and drank some very strongly brewed tea instead. Not quite the same, but better than nothing :) We ate lunch, went for a LONG walk, and did a happy dance when we returned to an apartment with electricity!!! It kind of makes me sad that we're SO dependent on electricity for everything and that it dramatically changes our lives when we don't have it, but I guess that's just the way it is. I'm praying for those in our area and in other states like North Carolina and Vermont who still don't have power and who have much worse damage to deal with than we do. I just hope that we can have a quiet week with no more natural disasters!!!