Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 Harry Potter Books by July 15?

(image via Google)

So I've had it in my mind for at least a year now that I would re-read all 7 Harry Potter books by the time that the last movie came out. Good goal, but the problem is that I didn't keep track of when the last movie was coming out. Which led to my total shock last week while watching TV when I saw a preview for HP7 Part 2 that announced it would be in movie theaters on July 15. Gasp! I love me some Harry Potter but that's a lot of reading to do in a month and fifteen days!!! I think I'm up for the challenge, though :) I have a reading plan and the motivation that I will not go to the movie until I've finished all of the books!

I was a little late to hop aboard the Harry Potter train (I think that I read the first book in 2005), but I've thoroughly enjoyed reading each book and have liked the movies (even though they're definitely not as good as the books!) It kind of makes me sad that this movie will truly be the last installment of Harry Potter (Sigh), but it has been a good ride. And who knows? Maybe J.K. Rowling has something else up her sleeve for the future :)

Anyone else excited about the last movie? Or planning on re-reading any of the books?