Friday, July 15, 2011

Pinnable Me Friday: Decorating with Books

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I'm a librarian so it should come as no surprise that I like to be surrounded by books at all times :) My dream house would definitely have a sizeable library in it (with a rolling attached ladder, of course!), but it would also have book shelves and cozy reading nooks all over the house. I've been able to find lots of "decorating with books" inspiration at Pinterest, and I've been a little surprised at how much life books bring to a room. They can be a little like art. Put some books in front of a white wall and - bam! - you have color and something interesting to look at :)

(I was having serious problems with the embed feature at Pinterest and had to end up just copying and pasting images so I'm sorry if a picture isn't attributed correctly!)

This room kind of proves my point about books adding color and interest to a room. This nursery is rather plain with white walls, a white crib, a beige chair, and beige carpeting, but the wall of books helps save it from looking boring. This baby is super lucky to have lots of great reading material too :)

Living room from

I'm impressed that the owners of this house have somewhat color-coded their books :) No paint, wallpaper, or artwork needed on this wall!

Staircase via Ceinwen Jones

This is such a clever use of space!!! Why have a smooth, useless staircase back when you can add shelves and books? I love that the owners have included a comfy chair and reading stool too in case a book catches their eye in passing and they must sit down and read immediately :)

Books are usually stored in attics in cardboard boxes, but this idea for an attic library is a much better storage solution! Especially if your attic has windows that let in so much lovely sunlight :)

Book nook via Lisa Harland

I would spend way too much time in this cozy window seat if it was in my house! I love that they added a bookshelf under the seat for easy accessibility to their favorite books :)

Library catalog from

Not books exactly but who couldn't use an old-fashioned library card catalog to sort a few odds and ends in their house? Love it :)