Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

So no Menu Monday (or Tuesday) this week because P and I subsisted on frozen meals last week :( We were out of town last weekend so I wasn't able to go to the grocery store and I didn't have time (or the will!) to go after work so we depleted the hoard of frozen dinner items that I keep on hand for just such occasions. I did make homemade banana walnut muffins, though, on Fri. night for Sat. morning's breakfast so I'm not a completely bad wife :) A friend passed along the best banana muffin recipe to me last year, and I think I make a batch every two months at least.  You can find the recipe at All Recipes. The streusel topping is what really makes them fab!

(image from All Recipes)

Fri. night we were super tired so we stayed in and I made the muffins and then did my nails while we watched some random nature program (until the wolves started hunting and eating some defenseless animal - I can't stand to watch animals being hurt even if I know it's just the circle of life and such). Sat. I volunteered for the Junior League at the MLK Library in DC. I learned a lot about the Adaptive Services division which offers so many great services to the blind and deaf in the city. And I volunteered with a great group of girls so we had a lot of fun chatting while working :) I finally made it to the grocery store that night, and - let me tell you - it was packed out! I've never seen a grocery store so busy - not even before snow!!! I guess people were stocking up for Superbowl parties, and some of the shelves were bare. I found some of the apparently popular Superbowl food choices kind of funny. Frozen waffles? Seriously - there were like two boxes of frozen waffles left! Celery? No celery to be had in the store. Canned black-eyed peas? Hmm ... Sun. we went to church and then one of our friends, who is Chinese, invited us to lunch to celebrate the Chinese New Year (Happy Year of the Rabbit!). She is an incredible cook so P and I never turn down an opportunity to eat at her house! We lounged at home the rest of the afternoon and then went to a Superbowl party at our friends' house. So much good food! I didn't have to cook all day :) We had a fun time watching the game (Hooray for the Packers!) and talking. My friend's four-year-old son was sitting with me on the couch and was asking me all kinds of questions about the game. I've never felt so knowledgeable about football in my life! I was saying things like, "The green guys have to take the football from the yellow guys and run with it down to the end of the field" and he seemed pretty impressed :) I hope his daddy can correct any misinformation that I might have imparted to him!

Before I end - I have to say that I will be very disappointed if Brad ends up with Michelle on The Bachelor. I think that Nina summed up my feelings about Michelle well in her post today. I didn't know she had a daughter until I read Nina's post (I've just been able to watch bits and pieces of this season)! Yikes! I can't imagine having a mother like that.