Friday, April 1, 2011

Happiness Is ...

Today I'm linking up with Virginia Belle for her "Happiness Is ..." post. This is a good motivator for me to take time and think of the things that I'm thankful for this week :)

A Great Read-Aloud with The Reading Connection

I volunteered last night with an organization called The Reading Connection. Volunteers read aloud to children in domestic violence or homeless shelters throughout DC and northern-VA while their parents attend counseling sessions, workshops, etc. Each child leaves the read-aloud with a brand-new book that they select to take home. The volunteers plan the night's theme and pick out books to read aloud, a craft, and games that center around the theme. Last night, my fellow volunteer, MM, picked a Spring theme so we read books about Spring to the kids and made collages of cherry blossom trees. Super fun!

Making Plans for our Second Anniversary Trip to Charlottesville,VA

I havn't been to Charlottesville since I was around 8, and Peter has never visited so we're looking forward to exploring. Trips to several vineyards, Monticello, University of VA, and Montpelier are already in the itinerary :)


The weather has been cold, gray, and rainy in these parts, but I've started to see more and more daffodils blooming and it makes me hopeful that warmer weather is coming!

Edy's Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream

(image from Serious Eats)

I don't think this needs any explanation :)