Wednesday, March 28, 2012

24 & 25 Weeks

This photo and update will have to do for both my 24th and 25th weeks since I didn't take a picture last week (my 25th). And - yes-since I'm currently in my 26th week this post is a bit late :)

Marination Time: 25 weeks last Saturday

Weight Gain:  17 lbs at last appointment (almost a month ago) ... It should be "fun" to see the scale at my next ob/gyn appointment this Friday!

Maternity Clothes:  I'm rethinking my current maternity jeans. They'e the low-rise, demi-panel type and they're majorly cutting into my mid-section right now. I don't think Baby Boy likes them either because he tends to direct his kicks at the waistband :)

Fruit of the Week: Eggplant (The Bump) or Rutabega (BabyCenter)

Movement: Not as many to-the-belly japs and kicks this week, making me think he's found a new position he enjoys.  

Cravings: Not any specific cravings, but the Chipotle burrito bowl that I had for dinner on Friday night really hit the spot :)

Annoyances: Fellow passengers on an overcrowded train on the DC Metro who do not offer their seat to a very tired pregnant lady carrying too many bags and wearing really uncomfortable shoes!!!

Highlights of the Week:  Fatigue, pregnancy congestion, and hip pain during sleep aside, I can honestly say I'm really loving this part of pregnancy.  I'm actually looking the part, but the belly isn't huge enough to majorly get in the way, and I'm still feeling generally great.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

23 Weeks

Musings on the Weekly Photo: I kind of forgot about taking a photo this week until last night after I returned home from my Pregnancy Yoga class, hence the workout clothes :) And Peter was at his men's Bible study last night, hence the oh-so-professional self portrait :)
Marination Time: 23 weeks last Saturday

Weight Gain:  15-16 lbs total.  Yikes! I've never been this heavy in my life, and I'm pushing the boundary of what you are supposed to have gained at this point in pregnancy. When I went to my ob/gyn last Friday, I had gained 15 lbs. But then when I went to another doctor's appt. this Monday, I had apparently gained 1 more pound over the weekend. I'm totally into believing that it was my heavier shoes on Monday that made the difference and not the brownies that I made Sunday :)
Maternity Clothes:  Pregnancy yoga pants are the best! If I never had to leave the house, I would probably be in these all of the time. Side note about maternity clothes: Why is it so hard to find maternity wear in colors other than black, gray, brown, and navy? Has intensive marketing research found that pregnant women do not like bright, happy colors? I've been looking for some pretty spring dresses for my upcoming baby shower and Easter, and even though all of the colorful spring clothing for non-preggos is on the racks in stores, maternity shops still look like it's the dead of winter.
Fruit of the Week: Mango, according to Baby Center. Pomegranate, according to The Bump.
Name: Nope. Peter has to mull each possibility over for a few days before rejecting it. Baby Boy will probably still be called Baby Boy when he's 5 years old at this rate!

Movement: Pretty constant now.

Cravings: Pizza! Looking forward to partaking of some cheesy goodness this weekend ...
Annoyances: Frequent toe cramps and occasional leg cramps. I had a bad leg cramp last night which was not a fun thing to wake up to! Allergies are still bad :(
Highlights of the Week:  Wedding dress shopping with my recently-engaged friend, KJB :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guess who's preggers?

I thought that the first day of a new month was a good time to write my first post in forever (seriously - forever!) and how better to introduce a long-overdue post but with some big news :) I'm pregnant! 22 weeks to be exact. Which means that I'm way behind in weekly baby bump updates :) But I've really only had a baby bump for the past week. I'd thought about starting earlier but I really didn't look pregnant at all yet so I decided to wait. This past week when my belly just sort of popped out I knew that I needed to get on the ball so here's update #1.

Musings on the Weekly Photo: We are officially bumping :) This was taken in the evening so I look bigger; in the mornings I'm not as big for some reason. Does gravity make your belly bulge more as the day progresses? Or is Baby stretching out before bedtime? Not sure but it's kind of funny. My allergies have been horrible for the past two months (a lovely, not-well-known side effect of pregnancy!) and my energy levels have hit bottom so I've been rocking the disheveled ponytail a lot lately :)
Marination Time: 22 weeks last Saturday

Weight Gain:  I think 15 lbs, but I have a checkup with my ob/gyn tomorrow so I'll know for sure then.    

Maternity Clothes: Love this striped boatneck top from Gap Maternity! It was my first maternity clothing purchase and on sale to boot! I'm not loving my maternity jeans from Old Navy so much this week. The demi-panel bootcuts were supposed to last the entire pregnancy, but I see some oh-so-sexy full panel jeans in my very near future! The waistband is cutting into my stomach so I think a larger dose of stretchy material up front is needed :)
Fruit of the Week: The Bump says Papaya. Baby Center says Spaghetti Squash. Hmm ... peeps need to compare notes on these fruit choices.

SexBOY! We've known for 3 weeks and couldn't be more excited :)
Name: Not yet! We have some strong contenders, but nothing is finalized. And I'm impatient to get it finalized (ahem! - husband o' mine are you reading?) because I have my eye on many pieces of monogrammable baby loot.

Movement: Yesterday his kicks were strong enough to make my stomach move for the first time :) Last night I tried to watch for him to do it some more so that Peter could feel, but I never caught the right moment. Hopefully, this weekend Peter will be able to feel him move for the first time! 

Cravings: Nothing specific except junk food of any kind (i.e. corndogs, chips, candy, etc.) and any food that I'm not allowed to have while I'm pregnant (i.e. deli meat, alcohol, soft cheeses, etc.). Not a good craving combo :) I haven't eaten anything I'm not supposed to, and I'm being very cautious with the junk food. I wish that this baby like veggies and fruit more!
Annoyances: The aforementioned never-ending allergies. Hip soreness while sleeping on my side at night (a 5-foot long body pillow is now my best friend). Multiple doctor appointments in one week.
Highlights of the Week:  Seeing daffodills blooming this morning on my way to work :) Spring is almost here, and I couldn't be more excited about it!

PSA: Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream. I have a deep, abiding appreciation for Edy's genius in thinking of adding Girl Scout cookies to already delicious ice cream. Limited edition so hurry and buy a few hundred gallons!
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