Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

I'm a little late this week for my weekend recap, but I have a good excuse. My camera wasn't uploading pictures yesterday for some reason :( Everything seems to be A-OK this morning, though, so here goes!

Friday night Peter and I had dinner at Jason's Deli in College Park and then watched the University of Maryland men's lacrosse team win against UMD - Baltimore County. Friday was such a lovely day, and it was the perfect night to be outside watching a game! Peter played lacrosse in high school so he was able to explain the rules of the game to me, and I really enjoyed it. More lacrosse games might be in our future :)

There were other fans at the game. All of the spectators were sitting on one side of the stadium :)

Saturday was a lazy, restful day. We made Martha Stewart's Yogurt Waffles for breakfast (Yum!), and then Peter headed to work and I headed to the outlet mall for a little shopping. And then I headed to the grocery store for a little more shopping :) I tried a new recipe for English Cottage Pie from Cooking Light for dinner on Sat. night, and it's definitely a keeper. Peter said it goes especially well with a Guinness (I didn't try this combo, but I trust his judgment) :)

(image from Cooking Light)

Saturday night we watched The Social Network and were pleasantly surprised. The previews did not seem that appealing to me, but I really liked the movie. Very good acting and very interesting discussion of exclusivity and belonging.  I ended up feeling slightly sorry for Mark Zuckerberg, but I was also angered at the way he treated people.

(image from www.imdb.com)

Sunday was church and then Peter and I went back home for some lounging around and talking with our families on the phone. This week and weekend will be very busy so I'm really glad that this past weekend was nice and relaxing!!!