Friday, August 5, 2011

Pinnable Me Friday: Masculine Birthday Parties

I’m linking up with Stefanie from Paw Prints & Pastry Bags again this week! I love Pinnable Me Fridays :)

My husband's 30th birthday is this month, and he is finally (Finally!) letting me throw him a birthday party. He doesn't really like all of the attention that can come with birthdays so it will not be a big shindig. We're going to have an informal dinner party with some of our closest friends here in MD, and I'm going to make some of his favorite dishes. I can't resist adding some special birthday touches, though, so I've been looking at Pinterest for some inspiration. Guy birthday parties are much harder to plan than parties for kids or girlfriends!!! I want things to be masculine but fun, and I think I've found some good ideas this week.

(I still have not figured out how to embed images from Pinterest to my blog! I again apologize if an image isn't attributed correctly!)

I'm not sure about the poufs hanging overhead, but I love this dessert table! Understated, masculine colors and decorative accents with nothing frilly and plenty of yummy treats :)

Since it will be my husband's 30th birthday, these favor boxes caught my eye because of the cute tags. But I also really like how the ribbon and twine jazz up plain white containers. Fun but not girly!

I think Peter might be a bit embarrassed to have so many photos of himself hanging on our wall so I'm not planning on incorporating this into his party. But I think it's very creative :) And I really like the color that the balloons add!

Peter was born in the 80s so I think that this "Circa 1980s Cassette Tape Party" is very fitting :) I especially love this invitation! And the cookie favors are great too!

This is from a beer tasting birthday party :) This is a great idea for a guy's birthday (Peter would definitely approve!), and I think this dessert table is fairly easy to do and appropriate. The bottle cap-shaped cake is especially fun :)

This is from the same beer tasting party. What a great way to present snacks! They were going for a pub-type presentation, and I think it worked.

My husband isn't an avid golfer, but this dessert table would be perfect if he was. I think it's a great idea to bring someone's favorite hobby into their special day. Look at those Jell-O cups and the donut holes representing golf balls :)