Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinnable Me Friday: Crazy Cool Closets

I’m linking up with Stefanie from Paw Prints and Pastry Bags again this week! I love Pinnable Me Fridays :)

A few days ago, Classic Annie and I were discussing our exceedingly small closets that are crammed full of stuff. I think that we both have used every inch of space possible! That discussion led me (of course) to a romp through Pinterest looking at/lusting after various closet configurations that look nothing like my current closets :)

(I still have not figured out how to embed images from Pinterest to my blog! I again apologize if an image isn't attributed correctly!)

First, let's dream a little wildly, shall we? If I win the mega millions jackpot today, then my closet will soon be transformed into something that might look like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Actually, I think a separate shoe closet will be a must when I win the lottery. And a closet chandelier :)

Coming back down to reality, I think these designs might be more feasible with my budget (if not with my current closet space!)  :)

Gracious goodness, I love shelving!!!

I'm also quite fond of drawers and cubbies.

And I get giddy over a proper place to store my shoes and jewelry (love that little necklace tree!) :)

Our bathroom closet also leaves much to be desired. But this bathroom closet leaves nothing to be desired! How clever to organize products/accessories by the body part for which they are made!!! And to "write" the container label with colorful yarn. Pretty and functional :)

Everything in this bathroom closet has its place and is easily retrieved. Be still my heart :)

I've been a fan of coat closets ever since the age of 4 when I started watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (do you remember the closet where he would hang his sweater when he came home?). This closet is for coats, bags, shoes, hats, AND cardigans, and it does its job well :)