Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maryland Momentos

Last night while I was grocery shopping, I picked up these just for kicks:

(image from www.snackerrific.com)

Kind of like a crab-shaped Cheez-it with some added Old Bay-like sassiness :) Not bad!

I was curious about the company that makes them since I had never heard of Wye River before, and after a little googling, I found the company's website and I also found two websites that carry Wye River products and a lot of other Maryland souvenirs: Maryland Delivered and The Maryland Store. I like to put together baskets of Maryland-related gifts for friends and family who stay with us and who have never been to Maryland before, and these two sites will be great sources for ideas of things to include. Since I'm not originally from Maryland, sometimes I have a difficult time thinking of local products so I'm thankful for some help :)