Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

There's no real theme for today's post. This is just a sampling of the random thoughts running through my brain this Thursday morning :)

1. Crazy About Pippa

(image from InStyle)

Maryland Pink and Green posted on Facebook this morning that Pippa Middleton will be getting her own TV special next month! Crazy About Pippa will air on TLC on August 9th at 9 p.m. ET. According to an article on InStyle, the show "delves into the younger Middleton sister’s life and work." I'm pretty excited about it! Are y'all going to watch?

2. Meg Braff in Southern Living

(images from Southern Living)

I was thrilled when I saw interior designer Meg Braff featured in the July issue of Southern Living.  I was reading the article last night and was surprised to find out that the house that is featured is Meg Braff's family lake house at Pickwick Landing on the TN/MS border. How many times have I gone to Pickwick in my life, never knowing that one of my fave designers might be vacationing nearby?

3. So You Think You Can Dance

Is anyone else addicted to SYTYCD like me? I'm not a huge reality TV show viewer - I'll watch bits and pieces of American Idol and sometimes get into a season of Bachelor/Bachelorette - but I love SYTYCD and rarely miss an episode! I used to dance, and I really enjoy seeing the new directions that dance is taking on the show. I'm still mourning the loss of Miranda this season.

She was such a versatile dancer, and I think she was cut way too soon. Since Miranda has left, I've been cheering for Caitlynn.

(images from Google)

I don't think the guys' performances have been as good this season so I havn't really been rooting for any of them. I'm predicting that Ricky will be cut tonight, but I have no idea which girl will be going home. Who do you think will be going home tonight? Who do you think is going to win it all?

4. New Arrivals at J. Crew

I got the new catalog from J. Crew last night, and I would like one of each of these please, please, please!

Fisherman's Henley Sweater

Stripe-breaker Sweater

Cailey Cord Blazer
(all images from J Crew)

What new items are you craving for autumn?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! We're headed to the beach, and I can't wait to feel sand between my toes :)