Friday, May 13, 2011

Maryland Hunt Cup

Peter and I went to our first steeplechase race, the Maryland Hunt Cup, on April 30. It was a gorgeous day - perfect for picnicking and watching horses jump over fences :)

I had no idea that steeplechase racing was so difficult! Of the 10 horses that competed, only three completed the course without falling or losing their riders. Good grief!

The horse that I was rooting for, Volle Nolle #8, came in 3rd! The horse that Peter was rooting for did not finish the race :)

We had a really fun time, and I'm sure that we'll be attending other steeplechase races in the future!

Also, just a heads up, Rue La La is having a Vineyard Vines sale this Sun. / May 15 starting at 11:00AM EST. If you need an invitation to Rue La La (totally free and no commitment), you can click here. I can't wait!!!

(images via Google)