Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living in "Upstairs, Downstairs"

Did anyone else see the new Upstairs, Downstairs on Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday night? I love all things BBC and British so of course I was glued to the TV screen :) The acting and costumes were great, but I was really drawn to the set decor designed by Eve Stewart (who was also nominated for an Academy Award for her design work on The King's Speech). I could definitely live at 165 Eaton Place!

Here are some sketches of the set design:

(images from Masterpiece Theatre)
And here are pictures of the finished product:
The blue on the walls of the foyer is gorgeous. This picture doesn't do it justice!

This picture is a little bit better. Love!

 The other rooms aren't half bad either :)
(images from Masterpiece Theatre via Little Augury)

I think I see some Dorothy Draper influence on the set. What do you think?

(images from The Greenbrier via Whitehaven Interiors)