Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amrita Singh and My 5 Must-Haves

Another snow day today :) Not a complete day-off-work snow day, but a two-hour delay is still nice! And we were let off 2 hours early yesterday because of the snow so I'm not complaining. I will complain a bit, though, about the traffic last night trying to get home. Terrible! My 20-minute commute with my husband (we carpool) turned into an hour and a half commute. I'm so thankful that our commute wasn't longer (I've heard horror stories about 8-hour commutes last night!) and that we arrived home safe and sound with an intact car :) It was awfully pretty this morning driving to work; if it has to be winter, I like to see snow covering the trees and ground (just not the streets!).

HauteLook is featuring Amrita Singh jewelry today, and I was so excited because I have been drooling over her creations for awhile now. Guess who got an early Valentine's Day present? :) Look at my pretties:

Jitney Earrings in Coral
 Bridgehampton Bracelet in Coral
 Charlotte Necklace

Can't wait until they arrive at my doorstep!!!

Following in the footsteps of Muffy Martini and Kappa Prep, I thought that I would list my 5 MUST haves - the items that I can't leave home without. After some consideration, here they are:

1. Lipstick/Lip Gloss: I have a fair complexion and need some color or I look totally washed out. Even if I'm cleaning at home and don't have a speck of make-up on my face, I have lipstick on :) Black Honey Almost Lipstick by Clinique is one of my favorites; you can't go wrong with this color - it looks good on everyone!

2. Tissues: I have allergies. Ugh!

3. Purse: I keep both of the above in a purse. Usually in a colorful purse :) Love Kate Spade!

4. Book: I know it's stereotypical for a librarian to admit this, but - yeah - I almost always carry a book with me. You never know when you'll be stuck in traffic or on the Metro or waiting for a friend, husband, family member, etc and need something to do. Golden opportunities to sneak in a bit of reading abound :)

5. Water Bottle: Preferably monogrammed :) I chug a lot of water during the day so I always keep a water bottle with me.

(images from HauteLook, Sephora, Amazon, Kate Spade, and Monogram Chick)

My weekend starts after work tonight since tomorrow is my day off. P and I are going to visit his parents in PA this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it!