Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gallery Walls

As I'm hard at work finishing our wedding scrapbook, I've realized that we're going to have a ton of prints left over from this little project. Our wedding photographer took well over 1,000 photos on our wedding day, and I ordered, I think, about 400 prints of those photos. So what to do with the remaining images? Elizabeth Anne Designs Living featured a blog post on gallery walls a couple of days ago which has started me thinking about creating our own gallery wall (once I'm done with the scrapbook, of course!) I realize the gallery wall is sort of ubiquitous for newlyweds, but a mass of pictures fills up a wall really nicely and they are eye-catching conversation-starters. Visitors can't resist the lure of the gallery wall! And they also provide a place to display some of those 400+ prints that one ordered of one's wedding :)

I have some questions, though. Should all of the frames be the same color and style or should they be a mixed bag?

Love this statircase BTW! 
(image from Domino via You're So Martha)
 (image from Domino via JPM Design)
 (image from Elle Decor via JPM Design)

(image from Domino via The Beautiful Shelter)

Should the gallery incorporate a random assortment of time periods and family, friends, etc. or should it have a theme (i.e. our wedding day)? Artwork?

(image from Coastal Living)

(image from Blue-Eyed Bride)

(image from Pottery Barn via To Crave)

Or maybe incorporating shelves?

(images from Pottery Barn via Elizabeth Anne Designs Living)

I'm leaning toward something more like Blue-Eyed Bride's arrangement or the wall featured in Coastal Living. What do you think?